Why constitutes a successful keynote speaker?

It is very often the case a lot of people believe keynote speaking is a deluxe and prestigious profession.

It is obvious as an entertainer or keynote speaker you can generate a significant amount of income and become very much sought after. However, most successful speakers or entertainers spend a long time in airports around the world or hotels in various cities.

In order to have a career in speaking or to become a motivational speaker, you need to first be or at least be perceived as being an expert in some subject.

What we most commonly see as a successful keynote speaker is somebody who has achieved a very high standing in their profession or sport. It is not however the only way to turn into a very successful motivational speaker.

The art of speaking or indeed being a trainer is centred around your capability to retain the focus of your audience. It is what most speakers refer to as the capability to get your audience to lean in.

Perhaps the revolution in the speaking industry has been the evolution of TED talks. While a great many keynote speakers and entertainers focus on delivering content over a 45 minute to one hour period, TED forces you to deliver an impactful message inside of 18 minutes.

The lesson for any speaker relates to the skills for the audience to focus over a longer period of time.

It must be noted that while each TED talk is of a shorter duration, the target is able to maintain focus over several sessions in the same evening.

The lesson therefore to anybody desiring to be a trainer or speaker essentially must learn to keep your audience engaged over larger spans of time using various tools like humour, audience participation or emotion. Essentially you’ll want to learn to be a number of different personalities in the same talk.

Many organizations which include toastmasters consentrate on training people to become speakers, however in most all cases the training is somewhat old school. While it is valuable to know the tools of the trade, as with many professions, times have changed and we haven’t necessarily responded to the change. 

A prime example is with the writing industry. Where books were once a minimum of 80,000 words, the evolution of the eBook industry has ended in a demand for 8000 word ebooks. 

The same holds true in speaking where today we worry less in regards to the “umm’s, err’s or “like’s” in a sentence plus much more concerning the ability for the speaker to entertain us and hold us captive to their narrative. 

Canada is one country that produces many top quality entertainers and speakers. Becoming a Canadian speaker you have access to not only the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (which has membership requirements in regards to your experience) but also several high quality speaker agencies.

Even though the desire to become a speaker may focus you on a path of writing a keynote and preparing yourself for the big day, you should also be prepared to be multi-talented.

Most motivational speakers derive a significant portion of their income from selling books at their events. Additionally they deliver workshops to the same audience to include value to their service.

In this circumstance the skills to create a book or host a workshop need to be acquired or purchased to assist you in your career progression.

If you are thinking about a career in speaking in North America, I would recommend you look to either the National Speakers Association in the USA or the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers in Canada. 

Once you have opened enough doors to start to get bookings, it is an extremely rewarding career and one that can be very profitable also.

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